Réalités du dialogue social (Realities of social dialog, at www.rds.asso.fr) is an independent association whose membership includes companies, government bodies, and all of the representative labour unions and employers’ associations grouped together under the national plan, as well as the employers’ and workers’ federations.

In partnership with RDS, the ISO has held several conferences, preceded by the organisation of preparatory workshops that have brought together some forty corporate managers, labour leaders, association representatives and experts:

“Daring to conduct social dialog on the strategic issues of companies”, April 29, 2009, an event in which the following took part:

  • Bernard CHAMBON, Chief Executive Officer of RHODIA and President of the UIC,
  • François CHEREQUE, General Secretary of the CFDT,
  • Maryse DUMAS, General Secretary of the CGT,
  • Jean-Claude MAILLY, General Secretary of Force Ouvrière,
  • Gérard MESTRALLET, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GDF SUEZ
  • Gontran LEJEUNE, President of the Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants (Centre for young managers),
  • Guy RYDER, General Secretary of the Confédération Internationale des Syndicats (International Confederation of Trade Unions)

“The social aspect in Europe, a strategic factor for a sustainable recovery from the crisis”, on June 30, 2010, led by Frédéric Turlan, Editor-in-Chief of Liaisons Sociales Europe, with the participation of:

  • Xavier VERBOVEN, Secretary of the General Federation of Belgian Labour,
  • Carlo PARIETTI, President of Eurocadres,
  • Philippe VIVIEN, Human Resource Director at AREVA,
  • Dana STECHOVA, Head of the International Department of the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions.

Liaisons Sociales Europe published the discussion paper that served as the basis of this round table, as well as a report on the debate.