This delegation was created in 2001, led by Sergio Mazzuchelli in close cooperation with Raimundo Florin, President of the Argentine Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEADS, in its Spanish acronym) and member of the WBCSD.

In that same year the ISO signed a framework cooperation agreement with the Argentine State Secretariat for Sustainable Development (SAYDS, in its Spanish abbreviation).

The key working themes being pursued by this delegation are specific to the Argentine context:

–      Exclusion, poverty, education and the brain drain, including a project benefitting from World Bank financing in favour of impoverished areas for the provision of basic social services.

–      Social performance indicators.

In November 2003, a symposium on corporate social responsibility was attended by company managers, politicians and labour leaders.

Another symposium took place in June 2008 on political dialog and social responsibility in Argentina.