The International Social Observatory Saharan Africa (OSI-AS abbreviation) was established on 22 October 2014 in Ivory Coast.

The first members of OSI-AS are:

National Agency for Urban Safety (ANASUR)

National Agency of Telecommunications and ICT (ANSUT)



Development Fund for Vocational Training (FDFP)

Ivorian Company of the Mahogany Transformation (SITA SA)

These six (6) companies, and seven other individuals present (on behalf of their companies) have adopted and approved the creation of declaration of International Social Observatory Sub-Saharan Africa and identified three (3) Strategic development areas OSI-AS as follows:

– Economic development

– Social Development and Welfare

– Cultural development and CV values.

These strategic development axes will run by the setting up of three (3) working groups.

The founding members proceeded to elect the following provisional bodies, pending the elective General Assembly in January 2016:

– The President of the Federal Executive Office in the person of Mrs. Aïcha Moulod;

The Chairman of the Advisory Board in the person of Mr. Désiré KONAN

Under immediate action, members have identified the following elements:

The domicile of the Association Business Achievement Center;

Opening a bank account on behalf of the Association;

The creation of the website of the Association;

The registration of deeds (Statutes and Regulations);

A thirty (30) days, convene a meeting of the Bureau to approve the action plan of the Association;

The creation of “OSI MALI” from the second half of November 2014;

The definition of the implementation strategy (headquarters agreement or non-profit association) in accordance with OSI Europe.

Official text of the creation of the OSI sub-Saharan Africa

You can also follow news related to this new OSI delegation Saharan Africa on their website at the following address: