Health and Quality of Life at Work have become key topics as in the mobilization of workers, social dialogue, as performance strategy on occupational hazards. Employees can no longer be considered only as a source of risk or cost. If the company wants to progress, it must necessarily combine more economic performance and social performance instead of opposing them. But to date, there was little or no forums for, the relatively isolated professionals within their companies, to exchange and share the issues as best practices on major themes of Health and QLW.

Yet, there are many steps in companies in terms of Health and QLW strategy and in terms of operational implementation. The aim of the Club is to position the exchange to a corporate level international peer groups, both professional and operational functions Health-QLW, to accelerate the thinking internally to anticipate the issues of tomorrow , building on new topics, create a dialog strength with stakeholders (internal and external) and to position “think tank” on issues of Health-QLW at work.

The rules” are simple:

transparency in reporting, commitment of each member to the confidentiality of information exchanged, and a choice of work topics Hand participants.