The first intuition was to consider that if he wanted to be perceived positively by people around the world, the process of globalization could not be limited to the financial and economic spheres. Social and cultural dimensions should be better taken into account, otherwise globalization appear exclusively as a set of risks, not opportunities for the vast majority of women and men. Globalization must be built on both legs: economic AND social.

The second intuition was linked to the fact that only cooperation strategies between the actors (political, economic, social, cultural, community and academics) were such as to enable the emergence of right answers to the multiple challenges of globalization requires us to face. This is an indispensable cultural reversal if we are to meet the social demands of globalization. The latter forces us to leave our thinking patterns, to create the conditions for implementing multifaceted partnerships.

The operation of OSI and his way of working is based on this dual intuition.