It contributes to better take into account the social challenges in the process of globalization. He wants to strengthen the social dimension of sustainable development and promote the exercise of corporate social responsibility.

It brings together companies, trade unions, universities, consultants and other partners.

His approach is resolutely international, partnership and foresight, in the respect for cultural diversity. He is active today in Europe, Morocco and Chile, with growth prospects in Brazil and China.

Specifically, it regularly organizes:

the “Appointment of O.S.I. On major social issues, around personalities of the world of business, trade unionism, international institutions, political and intellectual world
Breakfast on current issues
International Symposium, with the participation of international personalities

He initiated two commitments signed by many companies, several French unions, the European Trade Union Confederation and association leaders on:

• the right to education and training throughout life (2003)
the right to health and well-being at work (2010).

Today, its Working Groups, which bring together business leaders or associations, trade unionists, academics, researchers and consultants, are themed:

well-being at work and the universal right to health
• issues of corporate governance
• the development of human capital
the changing role and mission managers
• social finance in globalization

He regularly publishes the Letter of OSI.