The International Social Observatory is an association of the annual General Assembly brings together members (who have a right to vote) but also active partners who contribute to our reflections and participate in our work. Around his President Muriel Morin, the bureau shall apply the guidelines and objectives set by the General Assembly. Finally OSI receives the provision of a Policy Board composed of personalities from different walks college.

Role and tasks of the General Meeting

The General Assembly is responsible for:

  •      Proceed to the annual assessment of the activity of the association,
  •      Identify opportunities and set new priorities
  •      To elect the President of the association,
  •      Extend the scope of intervention of OSI.

Role and tasks of the Office

The Office‘s mission, under the responsibility of the President and the leadership of Managing Director of:

  •      Implement the guidelines and decisions taken by the General Assembly,
  •      Developing networks and partnerships in the implementation of our policies and ambitions,
  •      Take measures to ensure the development of the association,
  •      Regularly organize “Rendezvous OSI on topical themes or work in progress,
  •      Liaise with Regional Delegations.

Role and operation of the Advisory Board

The Orientation Board is composed of members and partners interested in our work and recognized for their expertise and ability to perceive the changes that companies face, stakeholders and the wider society.

It has a triple role:

  •      Evaluate the progress of our work,
  •      Make proposals on emerging issues that it would be useful to treat as part of our action plan,
  •      We help expand our network.